Our services extend from development to project management and from commercialisation to pilotage and technical management. We offer exacting, specialist consultancy, for each of these activities, consultancy that we can carry out individually or coordinated with the other phases of the operations, always guaranteeing the value added of a global view of the entire process.

Thanks to its twin technical and commercial soul, our team has the expertise to coordinate and guide all professionals involved in the operation, identifying the best solution for each issue connected with development and profit generation, opening and the subsequent management of a complex commercial structure.


From the concept to the outline of the project, from the actions necessary for opening to management when up and running:
the essential global coordination in every phase of development of a Retail project.

  • Analysis of the location: catchment area, accessibility, competition
  • Analysis of the technical/planning constraints
  • Definition of the positioning strategy
  • Drawing up the concept
  • Drawing up a rough budget for costs and revenue from locations
  • Estimate of the profitability of the operation
  • Selection and coordination of all the professionals involved
  • Management of the activities necessary for development up to inauguration


From the study of the merchandising mix to drawing up the marketing plan and launching commercialisation activity:
everything required to make the Shopping Centre attractive..

  • Study of the optimal merchandising mix
  • Drawing up the marketing plan for the project launch
  • Support in drawing up the contractual dossier
  • Launch of commercialisation activity and research into the best tenants
  • Coordination of the processes that lead to the signing of the Definitive Contract
  • Periodic reporting


From feasibility analysis to exchange with professionals and third parties and the coordination of all professionals involved:
the essential steps that lead to the creation of a complex commercial structure.

  • Definition and monitoring of the budget and time schedule
  • Coordination of the professionals to obtain all authorisation required
  • Coordination and management of tendering
  • Coordination and management of the building phase
  • Coordination and management of the post-work phase


From the constraints manual to the gathering of designs and support with paperwork: the point of connection for building sites, tenants and the commercial sector, to guarantee that the stores open to the public on the set date.

  • Drawing up of the constraints manual
  • Gathering of store fitting designs
  • Checking compliance of designs with specifications and the required architectural and quality standards
  • Handover of property units to tenants
  • Support to tenants for the paperwork required to open the stores
  • Support to tenants for the paperwork in relation to service providers
  • Monitoring of activities required for opening the stores to the public within the defined time frame
  • Periodic reporting


From the Technical Report to the coordination of the facilities companies and the periodic monitoring of the scheduled operations:
all essential activities for effective maintenance of the Shopping Centre.

  • Technical Report on the condition of the real estate
  • Drawing up of the annual maintenance plan
  • Coordination and management of tendering
  • Coordination of the facilities companies for scheduled maintenance
  • Periodic monitoring of observance of scheduled maintenance
  • Assignment and coordination of any additional maintenance operations